Monday, June 4, 2007

"Mom, the California roll looks great!"

I don't know what that means, but I'm pretty sure it's code for something. Perhaps it's shorthand for "Sean, go into the kitchen and get shit-faced because you obviously cannot handle the social situations that don't involve juvenile delinquents" but not "and while you're at it, steal Snake's laptop" because that doesn't happen in this season of Degrassi.

p.s.-California rolls do not count as a "nice home cooked meal" anywhere in Canada. They just don't.

All of this is from Degrassi - "Message in a Bottle" which is not as cool as the original series.

Zip Zip Zip

Anyway, this blog is mostly going to be about stuff I hate (specifically my job) which leaches my soul like osteoporosis leaches the calcium content out of bones. Though occasionally it will be about things I like (Degrassi for example) because I make the rules and I drink milk and therefore will hopefully not have osteoporosis.


Sarah said...

This reads as if you're on crack cocaine.

Sarah said...

Also, why does everyone freak on Sean when he gets totally crunked out, but only Manny's dad freaks on her when she gets really drunk and whips out her tatas?