Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mixtape For My Faux-"Last Day of Work"*

This turned out to be a bit premature. Alas.

1. The Good Life-Some Bullshit Escape (Black Out)
2. Tegan and Sara-Wake Up Exhausted (So Jealous)
3. Cursive-A Career in Transcendence (Storms of Early Summer)
4. Against Me!-Walking Is Still Honest (Crime [EP])
5. Art Brut-Blame It on the Trains (It's a Bit Complicated)
6. Maria Taylor-One for the Shareholder (11:11)
7. Belle & Sebastian-Step Into My Office Baby (Dear Catastrophe Waitress)
8. Bikini Kill-Suck My Left One (CD Version of the First Two Albums)
9. Embrace-Money (s/t)
10. Desaparecidos-$$$ (Read Music, Speak Spanish)
11. The Faint-Your Retro Career Just Melted (Danse Macabre)
12. T(I)NC-Capitolism Stole My Virginity (A New Morning...)
13. Les Savy Fav-Knowing How the World Works (Inches)
14. The Clash-Career Opportunities (s/t)
15. John Vanderslice-Coming and Going on Easy Terms (Cellar Door)
16. Tilly and the Wall-the Freest Man (Bottoms of Barrels)
17. She and Him-Magic Trick (KCRW Open Road Recording)
18. Devotchka-We're Leaving (How It Ends)

*This is the truncated version as the original was far too long.

**On an unrelated note, I've been looking for that John Vanderslice song forever. Except I was convinced that it was by Wolf Parade even though there was no evidence to support such a belief (there may have actually been *negative* evidence).

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