Saturday, September 13, 2008

They Can't All Be Ballads, Julian

Does anyone remember when the song 7 by Prince was big? I think I was in elementary school but that may not be accurate. At the time my best friend was obsessed with the song. She used to sing it all the time. I miss that. They're playing it at Dollop right now where I am, attempting to apply for jobs and being foiled by cover letter composition issues. Life was a lot more simple when Prince controlled the radio waves and my friend's music preferences.

I have said it before and it's sure to be my motto for the foreseeable future but applying for jobs is hell. In fact, if there is a hell I bet that all you do there is browse job postings, write resumes and cover letters, go to interviews and repeat the whole process (forEVER).

So, alright, Dollop doesn't actually qualify as hell because at least there's coffee and internet to balance out my arduous task. Additionally and oddly, the back bathroom has acquired a washer and dryer. Logically I'd assume they're for the tenants who live upstairs (as apparently the barristas are wont to do) but I really want an alternative explanation. And free laundry.

Meanwhile, back on the infamous velvet sofa my shoes are damp because it's been Mary Poppins raining all day. It's the sort of gloomy weather that precedes the arrival of something awesome and easily blows away mean nannies. I can't explain the urge to watch random movie clips on youtube. Procrastination of some sort, I guess.

The best thing about Mary Poppins was her luggage. Forget laughing on the ceiling, jumping into chalk drawings or cleaning a room with a snap of your fingers (all awesome abilities, I'll grant). A bag you can fit an upright coat tree in? Heck yeah! I tend to over-pack for most situations so I was envious for a long time. Then I found an acceptable substitute at Savers in Madison. Ok, it's not actually bottomless like Mary's but it sure seems like it.

In any event, I've applied for four more jobs, reworked my monster resume and drunk two lattes in the past four hours. I think it's time to go home.

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