Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hurricane Jane

Sometimes life feels like a bad 90's movie. But maybe I just want to listen to the Violent Femmes and have ridiculous pseudo-intelligent discussions about my life's angst.

Every once in awhile I'll see something really weird walking down the street. And oddly, I'm usually the only one who reacts at all. Today it was a robot. But like a for real robot like the Flight of the Conchords video. So I don't think I'm delusional.

I slept in today for the first time in a month. And it felt wonderful. "Slept in" meaning 10+ hours of sleep. Lazy Saturdays are the best.

Then, in my third trip to Laurie's this week alone, I picked up the new Black Kid's album (allowing me to continue my record of being a total idiot, thank you).

Several of these songs were on their EP "Wizard of Ahhhs" and frankly sounded better then. Perhaps we can blame Capitol Records for the disparity, but the songs on "Partie Traumatic" are a lot more produced sounding. Which is probably the point. And while I do enjoy being able to understand all the lyrics, I've started to question the band's narrative style. However, lest you think my loyalties have shifted, I am still very enamored with the 'new' songs.

I also spent a sizeable portion of the day hanging around Dollop. Fortunately it wasn't awkward. Here's the thing. On Monday after Pitchfork I was tired and ended up on the express bus to work. Long story short, whilst I was standing on the curb I was approached by a slightly scruffy young lass. And because it had been a long weekend and I was blasting some music in an effort to wake up, I missed what she said at first. So, honest mistake, I thought she was asking for a dollar.

Now, I never carry much (if any) cash. But as it happened I had some money in my pocket but giving her the dollar only got me a weird look. Because as it turns out she's a Dollop barrista, and she thought she recognized me. And suddenly I was Sandra Bullock at the beginning of Two Weeks Notice when she puts money in the poor man's full cup of coffee (and whatever, it's in the previews for the film, don't judge me). Which mostly means I'm an asshole.

Anyway, if you were one of the lucky few I messaged on Facebook today, your picture probably came from Penny Postcards. It's a fun site.

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