Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I have a cold and new earrings. I'm only excited about one of those things.

In addition to working a new internship, I also signed on with a company that does retail marketing for major label artists. On the plus side, I'll be paid to hang up posters (until this point, postering was its own reward). On the minus side, my first artist to promote is Katy Perry. I now have 20 of her CDs and a billion posters in my apartment. Tomorrow (today, when I wake up) I have the honor of traipsing around Chicago looking for stores willing to host displays. How did this become my life?

I feel like little J from Gossip Girl circa mid-summer when she was just a lowly little intern. "Anything to make it," that's my new motto. "No job too small."

Speaking of which, I heart Gossip Girl. Have I mentioned that? Not only because they are doing a ridiculously awesome job with the Vitamin Water product placement (sadly scaled way back this week) but also because of the drama. Oh my, so much drama. It's the new Degrassi.

Oh, and they've added a new character: Aaron Rose.

Tres hipster fabulous, no? Sometimes he wears huge Elvis Costello glasses and it's even more awesome. Mondays are the best.

In real life, which nobody cares about, his name is John Patrick Amedori. Finding out that he's the kid from "Stick It" made me feel really dirty. Like maybe I should be on profiled on Hipster or Pedophile. I'm obviously not a hipster though, so...

Speaking of Gossip Girl, I'm on Twitter and we should be friends. You should join Twitter. You can be friends with me AND(/or) with Rufus_Humphrey. Win-win-win.

And on that note, gentle reader, I will bid adieu.

p.s. I played two awesome new artists on my show this past week. Saint Milkweed and Daniel Martin Moore. Both are rather mellow.

p.p.s. Speaking of Myspace, why do some people take it as a challenge to be as tacky as possible? And not in a kitchy, ironic way. I'm promoting some artists on Myspace for my internship and it's killing me. Here are just a few examples of the nightmares that make my eyes bleed and my brain melt.


Sarah said...

That girl is awesome, you're so just jealous.

Anonymous said...

oh my god, do i love everything about you... except that you're promoting katy perry-- and if i without tv, radio, or people magazine know who this girl is.. doesn't the world already know who she is? what's your marketing demographic those over 85 and under 4?