Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wanda Sykes

Sarah and I went to Chicago's anti-Prop 8 march today. And hopefully tomorrow when I'm less exhausted I will blog about it. Meanwhile, I'd just like to share this news snippet with you (thanks to Sarah for the heads-up).

Wanda Sykes says she's 'proud to be gay'

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Comedian Wanda Sykes says the passage of a same-sex marriage ban in California has led to her be more outspoken about being gay.

"You know, I don't really talk about my sexual orientation. I didn't feel like I had to. I was just living my life, not necessarily in the closet, but I was living my life," Sykes told a crowd at a gay rights rally in Las Vegas on Saturday.

"Everybody that knows me personally they know I'm gay. But that's the way people should be able to live their lives," she said.

Sykes, who is known for her feisty and blunt style, said the passage of California's Proposition 8 made her feel like she was "attacked."

"Now, I gotta get in their face," she said. "I'm proud to be a woman. I'm proud to be a black woman, and I'm proud to be gay."

I have liked Wanda Sykes's comedy for awhile now. I think she stole a lot of scenes in Evan Almighty, for example. I also like to watch her on Youtube, something I started doing after a summer of watching Last Comic Standing. She's just really funny. And I really admire her.

It takes a lot of courage to be yourself, especially in Hollywood where every move you make is scrutinized. So hooray, Wanda Sykes! You are AWESOME!

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I too think that it's amazing that she came out publicly. In a country where two states grant equal rights to gay and lesbian couples, I just think it's so awesome that she is completely out. I wish more celebrities would come out. Maybe it would make people less afraid of teh gheys.