Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It Would Be OK

I am aware that growing up in small-town Wisconsin gave me some unrealistic expectations. Going to college in Madison probably did not help as I still find myself stunned at the things I've heard my co-workers say in complete seriousness.

A sampling for your enjoyment (paraphrased):

1. "If we had a woman president, other countries would not respect us and they would attack the US."

2. "If a woman wears that out in public, she is asking to be raped." (Female co-worker commenting on a rather modest bikini in a Victoria Secret catalog).

3. "I don't understand why someone would live a good life and then at 80 decide that they're going to get married to someone of the same sex and therefore condemn themselves to hell." "Imagine the honeymoon-cobweb city!" (and then she hung up a picture of the couple in her cube-as a reminder to be a good Christian or something).

4. "Ms. is ONLY an appropriate title for divorced women."


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