Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Queen of the Surface Streets

Stuff I am into recently for no conceivable reason:


Vitamin Water. I know it's ridiculous. I totally get that. "Brought to you by the center for responsible hydration." Gag me. But it's so compelling! The bright colors, the variety, the snappy little blurbs (I'd love a job writing the snappy blurbs...where do I apply for that? Is that on Craigslist?) Maybe it's a conspiracy. Real water is probably the best choice but I feel dumb paying for it (Evian is just Naive backwards, afterall) so I've been tricked into buying this instead.

At least it's not caffeinated.


"Jacked Up." As a phrase. There wasn't really a good illustration of "jacked up" that didn't involve monster trucks or British teeth. But this picture of Tilly and the Wall works because it is sort of jacked up. I love Tilly and the Wall and they are all super nice in real life! But their dead on stares here creep me out. And once I noticed the hand it was all I could stare at.

Note that I don't use "jacked up" aloud. That would be too ridiculous.

3. Finding chalk on the street. Ah summer!

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Usually Stunning said...

my mom uses the term "jacked up" she's referring to strong or built up... not so much messed up.. but I'm working on her.