Monday, August 18, 2008

What happened to your politics?

"No man, it's like, it's just...I got kind of...distracted."

Ok, so the robot thing. Right? I think I promised that. I hear the most ridiculous comments at work and I'm beginning to hate the elderly. However, I really really hate people who bitch about being transferred to India for tech support or whatever. Sometimes they're totally apologetic about it which makes it worse and not any more acceptable. Sometimes the rep joins in and I just want to hit them. What the fuck? And some customers who apparently have no filter between their brain an their mouth (or just have no soul) start complaining about foreigners who "steal" American jobs.

Excuse me? Did you really just say that? Really really?! I think like 97% of people who bitch about this sort of thing to the operator wouldn't take whatever job they supposedly lost out on even if they were paid to do it (which, you know, they would have been). I'm just saying, mr. bitchy customer, if you want to sit on the phone for nine hours a day at $12/hr for a company you purportedly hate then, y'know, AT&T is probably hiring somewhere. Have at it. And then you can put up with the assholes like you used to be (because seriously, I don't think that after listening to customers' insanity for even just a day customer service reps ever give anyone lip on the phone again).

But all of this pales in comparison to what I learned the other day. AT&T (and so probably a lot of other companies) employ ROBOTS to process their mail.


No, really, I asked my boss and he confirmed it. So when you send a check to your phone company to keep your service from getting shut off, a ROBOT is judging your handwriting and laughing at you for misspelling forty dollars and eighty nine cents.

Furthermore, nobody ever complains about ROBOTS stealing their jobs. But clearly, CLEARLY this is a major problem! So instead of building a wall between the US and Mexico which everyone knows is pointless anyway, we should be building a wall to keep the ROBOTS out. Because I've seen enough movies to know that shit never ends well.

I am completely serious about this.


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