Thursday, August 7, 2008

Transister Radio

Oh M Ward. You are so awesome. It is no wonder Zooey Deschanel teamed up with you. I would probably steal your voice like the witch in Disney's version of the Little Mermaid* and let it sing me to sleep every night. That's maybe creepier than I intended it to be. Also, I have an Ipod so it's probably not strictly necessary.

She and Him were pretty amazing despite some serious sound issues. Zooey is cute as a button but oh M Ward, the way you rend music from your guitar. Alas.

It's probably time for sleep.

*I finally found a copy of my preferred version of the Little Mermaid based upon the Hans Christian Anderson story. It's a bit darker than Disney's.

**Because I spend two hours a month listening to their work I've come to have some favorite Chicago poets. Currently I have the following poem by Toni Asante Lightfoot stuck in my head (she makes everything sound dirty when she reads which makes me blush and hover over the mute button at the radio station). I don't know the title but it's very clever.

He used to lick.
He used to lick my face.
He used to lick my face, I thought it sweet.
He used to lick my face, I thought it sweet to him.
He used to lick my face, I thought it sweet. To him I was a sucker.

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